3 Reasons Your Pet Care Business Needs Commercial Auto Insurance

3 Reasons Your Pet Care Business Needs Commercial Auto Insurance
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With businesses becoming more and more focused on providing services when and where consumers want them, the need to take your pet care business on the road is growing.

Assuming that your personal auto insurance will cover you when you make house calls as a pet groomer is a dangerous expectation. Even if your vehicle is not registered under your business, if you use your personal vehicle for work, your personal auto insurance may not cover you. You may need to consider purchasing a commercial auto insurance policy.

Many pet care business owners may believe that they need commercial auto insurance only if they have a dedicated vehicle with a large business logo on the side. The reality is that if you’re using your personal car for business use you may need commercial auto insurance.

Mobile Dog Groomers

Mobile dog grooming is a big business in a world so dedicated to convenience. Some bigger mobile pet grooming businesses have a large dedicated van with a clever name in letters on the side along with soap bubbles and pictures of pets. This is an obvious vehicle that will not be covered by a personal auto insurance plan.

However, some pet groomers go to a client’s house to bathe, cut, and groom a client’s pet in their personal vehicle. They, too, should consider commercial auto insurance.

Pet Sitting

If you drive to a client’s house and stay there to watch their pet overnight or even during the day, your car is at risk of being involved in an accident. Since you are performing a business operation, then your vehicle may not be covered by your personal insurance.

If you have an employee who is driving to run a business errand and is involved in an accident, their personal auto insurance may not cover them. Even if it does, your business may be held liable for the injuries caused by the accident. If you don’t have commercial auto insurance, with non-owned auto coverage, the expenses are coming out of your own pocket.

Pet Trainers

Like others in the pet care industry, pet trainers may have the same issues using their personal vehicle for business operations. There is a potential gap in coverage if you drive your personal vehicle for business use and are involved in an accident.

That is a risk that your business cannot afford to take.

Pet Care Insurance offers general liability insurance policies that can be purchased online, and you’ll have proof of coverage in a matter of minutes. However, because every commercial auto policy is customized to each business, you will need to go through a simple and fast quote process. Get your no obligation quote today!

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