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3 Business Tips For Pet Professionals

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Whether you have been in the pet business for months or you’re just getting your business started, there is one thing you will always run into and that’s competition. Competition doesn’t have to be all that bad considering fellow pet professionals can send clients your way if their appointment book is full and can’t take on anymore pets. There may even be times when you have to do some traditional face-to-face pitch with potential clients in order to build up your pet clientele. In order to stand out from fellow competitors, you can increase your chances by being pet first aid certified, pet CPR certified, and carrying pet care insurance.

Pet First Aid Certification

You never know when an injury will occur with your furry client. While we hope that every pet interaction on the job is injury free, there are variables outside of your control and it can unfortunately lead to a pet in your care getting injured. With pet first aid certification, you can do your best to prepare for breathing and cardiac emergencies, wounds, bleeding, and seizures a dog may experience. By being certified and knowledgeable to respond to those instances, you show customers that you have taken the initiative and are dedicated to helping their pets. If you are interested in getting pet first aid certification, the American Red Cross offers a course online for a small fee and you can login at any time to review course materials.

Pet CPR Certification

With chew toys and tasty treats, there are nice ways to treat your pup for good behavior. Unfortunately, dogs can get a little curious and run into trouble along the way. What if the dog you are watching accidentally chokes on a treat or a household item? You never know what could happen on the job but being CPR certified can come in handy if a pet starts choking in your care. The last thing you want to deal with is having something unfortunate happen to the pet you are with. By getting certified, pet owners can have peace of mind that their pet is safe with you and can help give you a competitive edge. Plus, it’s better to be prepared with knowledge to jump into action and prevent a negative situation from happening.

Pet Care Insurance

You may be thinking, “Why would a client care that I have pet care insurance?” and we get it. At first glance, pet care insurance seems to only matter to you as a business owner but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Pet care insurance is designed to help you and the furry pets you care for. Let’s say the pet you’re watching plays way too hard at the dog park and starts limping on the way home. With pet care insurance, coverage like vet bill reimbursement may respond to medical expenses a pet may sustain under your care. When you bring up that you’re insured to potential customers, you can talk about how insurance is designed to help their pet (if an accident occured) and can give the pet parent peace of mind. For more information on the policy, you can check out all the coverages we offer here.

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Depending on the area that you live in, you may run into a fair amount of competition and it can feel a little intimidating competing for business. With the help of first aid certification, pet CPR, and pet care insurance, you may be able to stand out from competition and show potential clients how serious you are about the well-being of animals.

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