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Pet Groomers Insurance

Liability Protection For The Ruff Moments

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Trusted by over 10,000+ Pet-care Professionals

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Trusted by over 10,000+ Pet-care Professionals


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Is Pet Groomer Insurance for my business?

Instant, Affordable Coverage​

The Best Insurance for Small Business Pet Professionals

Pet Protection Coverage & Veterinarian Reimbursement

Grooming Insurance for Professional Pet Groomers

Taking your business on the road? Dog groomers insurance from PCI can cover you whether the pets come to you or you go to the pets. Our basic policy allows you to have protection at no additional premium. Learn more about mobile pet groomers insurance.

For When Shih-Tzu Happens

Leg hurt jumping off table - 
$637.77 Dog attacked by other dog at groomers- 
$1,150.65 Cats hip injured during service- $5,750.12 Fluid in lungs after grooming -
 Limp incurred after being bit by other dog- $7,013.49

Dog & Pet Groomer Insurance FAQ

What Is Pet Groomer Insurance?

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Pomeranian getting a haircut

How Much Does Pet Grooming Insurance Cost?

Do I Need Dog Grooming Liability Insurance?

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Insurance for Your Dog Grooming Business

Need specialized insurance for dog groomers? You’re sniffing in the right place! Our coverage is designed to cover common grooming claims and meet most insurance requirements.

Limits of Insurance

The most your policy will pay in a 12 month policy period for bodily injury and property damage claims that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business services.

Limit per Incident: $1,000,000

Limit per Year: $2,000,000

The maximum amount your policy will pay in a 12-month period for bodily injury and property damage claims that result from the products you use to perform your services.


The amount that your policy will pay for claims arising out of one or more of the following offenses:

  • False arrest, detention or imprisonment
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Wrongful eviction or wrongful entry
  • Oral or written publications that slander or libel a person or organization
  • Oral or written publication or material that violates a person’s right of privacy
  • The use of another’s advertising idea in your advertisement

The maximum your policy will pay for a bodily injury or property damage claim that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business services.


Applies to damage by fire to premises rented to the insured; also applies to damage regardless of cause to premises (including contents) occupied by the insured for 7 days or less.

Any One Premises: $100,000

A general liability coverage that reimburses others, without regard to the insured’s liability, for medical or funeral expenses incurred by such persons as a result of bodily injury or death sustained by accident under the conditions specified in the policy.

Any One Person: $5,000

This provides your pet business with coverage in the event that you are legally liable for injuries or damages sustained by an animal in your care, custody, or control.

Limit per Incident: $2,500

Limit per Year: $5,000

This provides coverage for medical expenses—regardless of who is at fault—for a client’s pet in your care, custody, or control.

Limit per Incident: $1,000

Limit per Year: $2,500

Deductible: $250

If you were to lose the keys to a client’s residence, this coverage could help you manage the cost of installing new locks or having the building rekeyed.

Limit per Incident: $2,000

Limit per Year: $2,000

Is Dog & Pet Groomers Insurance The Best Option?

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You lost your client’s key when stopping by for an appointment.

Uh-oh! text graphic

Lost Key Coverage may help you cover the cost of new lock installations or rekeying services.

Oh No! text graphic

An animal dies due to your negligence.

Oh No! text graphic

Animal Bailee is coverage for injury or damages sustained by an animal in your care.

Ouch! text graphic

An animal is injured while you are watching them.

Ouch! text graphic

Vet Bill Reimbursement provides coverage for medical expenses up to $1,000 per occurrence.

You're In Good Company With Pet Care Insurance

PCI is committed to YOU. We specialize in providing top-rated coverage, easy online purchasing, and top notch customer service. Check out some of these tail wagging reviews!

See What Else We Cover

Additional Insurance Questions

Pet groomers insurance from PCI offers a variety of coverage options into one, simple policy for you. Some of the coverage we offer include:

  • Animal bailee
  • General & professional liability
  • Vet expense reimbursement
  • Employee dishonesty coverage
  • Lost key coverage

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The cost of pet groomer insurance can be affected by:

  • Hiring employees
  • Adding additional coverages
  • Increasing your limits

If you need more coverage for your grooming business, you’ll likely pay a little more in premiums.

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Pet groomers insurance is not a legal requirement, but it is often a contract requirement. Most grooming businesses will require you to show proof of insurance before you’re hired. Regulations may vary, but being insured is always a good idea.

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Insurance for Dog Groomers

Comparing Employee Dishonesty Coverage & Bonding

PCI’s employee dishonesty coverage is similar to a bond, but there may be some key differences to consider.

Employee dishonesty coverage:

  • Can be purchased in the same transaction
  • Doesn’t run credit checks
  • Provides $10,000 per occurrence and $25,000 aggregate coverage

Bonds may differ from our dishonesty coverage by:

  • Checking your credit during the application process
  • Having a “Conviction Claus;” Often bonds won’t pay on claims unless there is a conviction
  • Many require you to reimbursement the bonding company after a claim is paid