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PCI Picks: The Best Grooming Software of 2024

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Have you ever encountered this situation: A Pomeranian calls your work phone to confirm their Tuesday grooming appointment, but your regular German Shepherd just booked that time slot online so now you’re double booked?

Probably not because dogs can’t use the phone or internet, but their owners can—and a situation like this can turn your entire schedule upside down!

With your busy schedule and multiple clients, it can be challenging to manually keep track of appointments, rescheduling requests, and availability. Reliable scheduling software enables you to easily manage your calendar, set available time slots, and efficiently book appointments.

But when it comes to deciding on the right software for your business, there are a few qualities that can make your job a lot easier:

  • User-friendly interface: Good scheduling software should have an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, allowing you to quickly access and manage your schedule without any confusion or complications.

  • Appointment management features: The software should provide features like online booking, automated reminders, and the ability to easily reschedule or cancel appointments. This helps streamline the grooming process and ensures a smooth customer experience.

  • Calendar integration: Integration with popular calendar applications like Google Calendar or Outlook allows you to sync your schedules across different devices and stay organized.

  • Client management tools: You should be able to store and manage client information such as pet details, grooming preferences, and previous appointment history. This helps create personalized experiences and build strong customer relationships.

  • Notifications and reminders: Automated notifications and reminders to both you and your clients helps reduce no-shows and keeps everyone informed about upcoming appointments.

  • Reporting and analytics: Your scheduling software should include reporting features that allow you to track key metrics like appointment trends, revenue, and customer feedback. This data can help you make informed business decisions and optimize your operations.

  • Mobile accessibility: With a mobile app or a mobile device-friendly site, you can access your schedules on-the-go from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Integration with payment systems: Ideally, your software will integrate with popular payment gateways, making it easy to securely process payments directly within the scheduling system.

  • Customer support: It’s important to choose a software provider that offers reliable customer support, including timely responses to inquiries and assistance with any technical issues that may arise.

With these in aspects in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best pet grooming software available in 2024:

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For grooming businesses seeking an intuitive and comprehensive solution, Petsked might be for you. It is to streamline operations and enhance customer interaction. This cloud-based software offers a seamless booking experience with real-time calendar updates and automated appointment reminders, ensuring pet owners and service providers are in sync. Looking to personalize your services? Petsked’s robust client management system allows for detailed records of pet information and grooming history.

One of Petsked’s standout features is its multi-device functionality, which ensures accessibility on smartphones, tablets, and desktops, enabling business owners and staff to manage schedules, client information, and services on the go. The platform also integrates marketing tools that help businesses promote your services effectively, including targeted email campaigns and social media integration.

Security is a priority with Petsked, which uses advanced encryption to protect all data transactions and client information. If you’re looking to expand your reach and efficiency, Petsked offers a scalable solution that grows with your enterprise.

Neat features:

  • Use pet attributes to create custom tags for pet attributes and behaviors
  • Status is color-coded for clarity, and descriptive icons provide visual clues
  • Track booking trends, no-show rates, and peak hours to optimize your appoint slots for maximum revenue


Groomsoft allows you to easily schedule and organize appointments for your furry clients. Say goodbye to messy paper calendars and hello to a streamlined digital solution. You can access your schedule from anywhere, whether you’re at the salon or on the go.

Groomsoft offers a range of features tailored to the unique needs of dog groomers. You can track client information, including their pet’s breed, size, and specific grooming requirements. This helps you provide personalized services and ensure each furry friend gets the pampering they deserve.

Groomsoft also sends automatic reminders to both clients and groomers, reducing no-shows and keeping your schedule running smoothly. Plus, you can easily manage multiple groomers’ schedules, assign appointments, and track their availability with just a few clicks.

Groomsoft prides itself on offering customer support from real people—not Artificial Intelligence or automated web chats. Get in touch with real people whenever you need them, and ask for help with things like switching from a previous software, program features, or anything else.

Neat features:

  • Automatic hourly data backup
  • Sympathy gifts for clients who’ve lost a pet
  • Optimized mapping and mileage tracker for mobile groomers.


Consistently rated one of the best dog groomer software options, Vagaro has several tools that help it stand out from the pack.

Aside from the basic calendar functions and notifications, Vagaro also has a variety of app integrations to not just keep you organized, but grow your business. For instance, you can embed the Vagaro booking widget into Google, Apple Maps, Instagram, and Facebook, so when potential clients search for your service, they can book you with a few simple clicks.

Vagaro also hosts its own online marketplace to help you attract new customers with customized promotions, discounts, and verified reviews. You can also create a personalized website with Vagaro’s page theme, or request a customized app for your business. With customized email and text marketing options, Vagaro makes it easier to find clients and build your business.

Neat features:

  • Ability to automatically calculate travel distances and add relevant charges (for mobile groomers).
  • “Pay later” option allows clients to pay in interest-free installments for convenience.
  • Vagaro Capital offers fast and flexible funding for all businesses.
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RunLoyal offers all of the basic utilities pet groomers want, including digital booking, calendar integration, secure customer payment information storage and more. However, RunLoyal also offers a unique feature in the form of a custom-branded app developed specifically for your business and downloadable through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

RunLoyal’s custom app offers an improved customer service experience for your clients, allowing them to create client profiles with information about their pets and manage their appointments on their own devices. By offering a customized app, you can get the digital edge on competition still stuck using date books and paper calendars.

RunLoyal also offers its intuitive platform for related business models like pet boarding, training, and day care. This means you can add different services for your business without having to learn a brand new software system.

Neat features:

  • Manage employee scheduling, client payments, and more with dedicated functionalities.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials help you adopt your new software quickly and efficiently.
  • Report cards let your clients know how their pets did during their appointments.


PetExec prides itself on simplicity and accessibility, offering a 100% cloud-based platform for pet care businesses of all types, including grooming, boarding, training, and more. PetExec has been around since 2006, making them somewhat of a mainstay in the pet grooming software industry.

PetExec’s main functionality is customization, allowing users to do things like offer customized grooming services, price by breed or size, or even add retail products and save vendor information into your system. With its 100% cloud-based service, you and your clients can access your accounts from any device, at any time—even internationally.

This software is an especially good choice for beginner groomers who need to build a system that’s adaptable and scalable as they figure out their core client base, pricing structure, and tech capabilities.

Neat features:

  • Secure system to protect you and your clients account and payment information.
  • Integration with tax software.
  • Exclusive webinars and product discounts for those who join their “Packmate” program.
cute dog face with dog groomer hands


Gingr is a simple, stylish pet grooming software made for pet-lovers, by pet-lovers. Gingr was co-founded by a busy kennel owner in Boulder, Colorado who developed the platform to solve specific problems they encountered while running their business.

Gingr’s strengths lie in its all-in-one configuration, meaning users can set and manage grooming appointments, as well as important systems like employee calendars and time-off, payment processing, and digital intake forms and contracts. Once fully integrated, Gingr provides a powerful business management solution to help minimize no-shows and scheduling mishaps while maximizing profits.

Neat features:

  • Gingr offers group training classes to educate users about integration and new features.
  • Built-in customer loyalty program to incentivize your clients.
  • For every new customer that signs up, Gingr makes a donation to help shelter animals in need.


There are plenty of pet grooming software solutions on the market, and hopefully this list makes your decision a little easier!

No matter which one you choose, though, PCI will be here to support your grooming business with comprehensive pet groomer insurance policies to protect you and your clients. For just $19.08 per month, you can enjoy $2 million in liability coverage, including Pet Protection Coverage and Veterinarian Reimbursement when pets get injured or sick under your care. Contact us today to learn more!

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