3 Ways to Sabotage Your Pet Care business

3 Ways to Sabotage Your Pet Care business
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Taking care of other people’s pets is a huge responsibility that almost every person working in the pet care industry takes very seriously. No matter what your specialty is, people trust you to keep their pets safe.

In addition, having a pet care business - though it can be stressful - is a rewarding career that can not only make pet owners happy, but also make the pets happy as well.

Still, there are some things you might do as a pet care business owner that can turn that rewarding career into a negative experience for you and your clients.

The following are three ways you can sabotage your pet care business:

  1. Not doing your number one job: Whether you are a pet trainer, breeder, sitter, or any other professional who deals with pets, your number one job above all others is to keep the pets safe. If you have taken as many precautions as possible - and most pet professionals have - you should be fine. Of course, accidents happen, but they are much less likely to happen if you are careful. However, if you do not take precautions and an animal in your care is hurt, you have sabotaged your career. People don’t want to turn their pets over to someone who doesn’t make their pets safety a top priority. It’s that simple.
  2. Not having insurance: As we said earlier, accidents do happen - even when you have taken extreme precautions. If you don’t have insurance to protect your personal and business finances, you have sabotaged your pet care business. After all, if you go bankrupt or suddenly lose a lot of money, your company can’t survive. This is what could happen if you don’t have the right insurance policy. Now, of course we are an insurance company (full disclosure), and we really do believe that our insurance is the best in the industry and that our coverages have everything that pet care business owners need. However, no matter which insurance company you go with, we hope you will protect yourself and your business with the best policy you can find.
  3. Poor customer service: It is important to remember that the pet’s owner is your real customer. They are the ones that pay you for your services. And while animals are your main responsibility - and don’t get us wrong, it is a HUGE responsibility - it is the animal’s owners who will keep coming back to you if they like how you treat them and their pet, or not return if you don’t. So, ignoring the wishes of the pet’s owners or having poor customer service will sabotage your pet care business.

Don’t sabotage your pet care business by doing these three things. And if you think you might be guilty of them now, STOP.

Do you agree with our list? Do you know of other ways that people can sabotage their pet care business? Please comment below.

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