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4 Coronavirus Small Business Tips For Pet Professionals

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Business is down but…you are not alone! We reached out to pet business professionals and they had great advice to share! Check out our coronavirus small business tips from fellow PCI pet professionals below. We hope this will help you. Hang in there!

“Make sure that you are ready for business. Many people have acquired pets over this quarantine period and you want to get in front of marketing your services.”

In an unideal situation, one of the best things you can do is think about the positives and look on the bright side. This will not last forever.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the latest shortage during quarantine are animals.

Here’s what they have to say about it, “Shelter and rescue organizations nationwide are reporting unprecedented interest in fostering and adopting as people who are sheltering in place turn to kittens and puppies, dogs and cats,…for comfort during the coronavirus crisis. Amid the lockdown, a restless and hard-headed nation has discovered that what it really needs right now is a snuggle,”

Talk about a huge positive for pets in need of homes!

We can’t blame people for adopting. Dogs are sweet companions, bring happiness, and are so adorable! Adopting a fur baby is a great addition to any family (big or small)! This means there are more fur babies to watch over once you can resume business. While you may not be able to perform your job right now, you can take some time to review your marketing strategy.

Is there anything you want to refine or completely change about how you advertise your business to potential customers? There are a lot of resources out there! Plus, you can cut costs by creating materials on your own. Check out Spark or Canva for pre-made designs!

“Use this opportunity to learn some new pet service skills to add to your business, make some new updates to your business that make it easy for parents and you to adjust. Create plans of action and list for your business. In business, you are always trying new things to make it work. It either does or does not work. The thing is you kept going and didn’t give up.”

There’s no time like the present to try something new.

Marketing is all about experimentation. One particular strategy could work well for one person and not so great for another. This can be based on variables, such as demographic, competition, and more.

You never know what can work well until you try. Even creating a wish list of things you would like to improve is a great start.

Keep in mind that many people have adopted new fur babies! You are potentially marketing to lots of new people for their business once regulations start to lift. There’s even a possibility that people want to jump in as a pet professional meaning more competition for you.

Consider diversifying your business and edging out competitors. Many have looked into offering homemade pet treats for their clients. You can learn more about how you can get covered here.

“Just keep networking and developing your business however you can…In the meantime, keep in contact with those who have supported you in the past,”

Many have used this unprecedented time to take stock of what matters most to them. For some that could mean improving business. Get in touch with fellow pet professionals in your area and see how they are handling things. Swap advice!

Clients are also adapting to a new situation. It can be a hard thing to handle. Check in with your clients and see how they are doing. Show them you care! See if there’s anything you can do to help. They could possibly need your service soon. Be sure to follow CDC guidelines! Learn more about that here.

“Take care of your mental and emotional health. It’s hard losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. It can feel like the world, your peers, other industries, etc. are passing you up as maybe they still have their jobs and have not been affected financially. Remember money isn’t everything and remember WHY you are doing what you are doing in the first place,”

We live in such an unprecedented time! It’s okay to feel all the feelings in the world about it too. Many clients are not in the need of your service at the moment. However, things are changing every day!

Take this time to relax and start doing things that make you happy. Your emotional well-being is a priority. Maybe pick up a new hobby! While many are using this time to learn new skills for professional reasons, don’t feel the need to do so. You’ll figure out what’s right for you.

Consider looking on the bright side. Business may be down for now. It will pick up again and you may get some new clients along the way! Have a little hope for better days ahead.

Additional pieces of advice from PCI insureds

  • Hang in there
  • Stay positive
  • Be patient and keep in touch with your clients
  • Head up and stay strong. The only thing we can count on is that things will change.
  • The biggest advice is to BREATHE

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