5 Pet Peeves Pet Sitters Have

5 Pet Peeves Pet Sitters Have
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There's a lot that goes into pet sitting, and odds are that the pet parents whose pets you tend don't fully appreciate your efforts. For your reading pleasure, Pet Care Insurance (PCI) has put together a list of five things that make most pet sitters growl.

1) 11th Hour Requests

Sometimes it seems like pet parents take you for granted. Sure, you love their pets and you would do almost anything to make sure they are taken care of, but how long have they known they were going out of town?

Sure, emergencies happen, but when it's a regular occurrence, it's as though they don't understand that you have other clients and a tight schedule. You don't want to lose the job or client, but they wouldn't like it if you canceled at the last minute, and as a professional, you wouldn't do it. However, it would be nice to at least get the same respect and consideration.

2) Clients That Can't Communicate

One of the most frustrating things a client can do is leave you guessing where they will be, how you will reach them, and whether or not someone will come to their home while you're there.

You'd think this would be common sense, but too often pet parents neglect to keep their pet sitters in the loop. It's really not too much to ask pet parents to give you updated or temporary contact information, or tell you if a maintenance person will be stopping by during your scheduled visit.

3) Dirty Pet Bowls and More

The tasks of taking care of their pet should've been something pet parents considered before they brought a new pet home. Pets are not all fun and games. They require work, cleaning, grooming, and other care jobs that need to be done a regular basis.

It's frustrating when you go to a home and a pet's owner hasn't taken the time to meet their pet's basic needs. Gross water and food bowls, stinky litter boxes, and unkempt pets make you sad and angry about the pet's well-being (or lack thereof).

4)"You're a Pet Sitter, I Wish My Job Was That Easy"

This statement and its variations are offensive, yet people continue to discount the effort that goes into being a good pet sitter. It's not like you simply come over to a pet's home and sit on the couch playing on social media all day.

Odds are that you've taken courses, attended trainings, and honed your knowledge of pets to deliver the best care possible. On top of all of those efforts, you may administer a pet's medication, provide a special diet, or attend to other special needs.

5) Guessing a Pet's Behavior

While there are many miracles that you can work as a pet sitter, reading a pet's mind isn't one of them, even if a pet parent thinks that you can. It would be nice if a pet parent could give you a head's up on their pet's schedule, behavior, likes, and dislikes.

On top of that basic information, it is essential that pet parents update you when their pet has an injury, needs medication, or requires other special care. This is crucial information you need to adapt your care for the pet.

Did We Miss Any of Your Top Frustrations?

Obviously, this isn't a comprehensive list of peeves that pet sitters have, so go ahead and share your biggest pet peeves in the comments below.

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