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7 Questions Pet Sitters Should Ask When Interviewing a New Client

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As an experienced pet sitter, you can handle a host of unexpected and difficult circumstances, but it is important to know what you are getting into before you take on a new client. This is especially important when it comes to protecting you from liability claims, which often come about because of sudden changes in animal behavior. Of course, you can’t predict every possibility and problem, but there are some questions that you can ask that might help protect yourself and your business:
  1. Does the pet have any health care concerns or allergies that you should be aware of?
  1. Does the pet get along with children or other animals?
  1. If you will be walking a dog, does the dog walk well on a leash?
  1. If you are going to have to transport the animal, does the animal get anxious while traveling, and, if so, are there any techniques that you can use that help the animal stay calm and happy?
  1. What training has the pet completed and what disciplinary techniques are effective for the pet?
  1. Is there an emergency number where you can contact them or a veterinarian in case of an emergency?
  1. If you will be in a client’s home ask, are there any quirks or fragile items in the home that you should be aware of?
By asking these questions, you can help yourself avoid liability by identifying situations you may not want to put yourself in. After all, your first consultation is your opportunity to interview a client just as much as it is their opportunity to interview you. Good luck out there!

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