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A 2020 Season Must: Pet Sitting Insurance

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Happy New Year! Many pet sitting business owners striving to ensure 2020 is the best year yet. However, you may run into some obstacles. During this time of year, it’s common for people to start booking vacations away from home and looking forward to their next adventure. While it’s not possible for furry pets to always tag along, that’s where pet sitters like you can come in and care for those who are staying home. Many of your pet sitting appointments may go according to plan and there are no incidents. However, it only takes one unfortunate accident to wreck your business and pet sitting insurance can help out in a variety of ways.

Let’s get to it!

Insurance Can Help With Gaining Clients

Clients don’t want to leave their fur babies with just any pet sitter. They want to know they are working with a pet sitter who is professional and has experience caring for pets. With the help of pet sitting insurance from PCI, you can use your coverage as a marketing tactic and stand out from the competition. We offer an insurance badge that can be attached to your personal website immediately after purchase and can alert potential clients that you have gone the extra mile to protect your business. Other ways to use coverage to your advantage is by featuring that you’re insured via your business cards and social media accounts.

Insurance Can Give Clients Peace Of Mind

You have spent a lot of time and effort making the pet sitting business of your dreams. Not only does pet sitting insurance protect your hard work and investment, but it can also give your clients peace of mind. If things were to go wrong, clients can rest easy knowing they work with an insured professional and incidents could be covered with insurance. The unfortunate reality of working as a pet sitter is that your work puts you at risk. Pet sitters have dealt with hairy situations, such as a pet sustaining an injury and tensions can run high. With coverage, clients can rest assured that you can cover their pet’s expenses and can possibly maintain a positive relationship.

PCI Coverage Is Fast And Convenient

One of the first things that may pop into your head about insurance is waiting around for your quote. With PCI, you can get your pet sitter insurance quote fast and protect your business in minutes. We are proud of offering affordable coverage starting at just $229/year and can cover a variety of pet professionals, such as cat sitters. More importantly, we know your time is valuable and don’t want to waste it. Our online process gives you the convenience of getting pet sitting insurance fast.

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The Wrap Up

While we hope pet sitting while your clients vacation is delightful, you never know what can go wrong and you need to be proactive. PCI can provide you with robust coverage for your business. Each PCI policyholder is covered with $2,000,000 general liability insurance that may respond to bodily and property damage you may be legally held liable to pay for. We hope that you’ll take advantage of purchasing pet sitting insurance. You’ve worked too hard to leave your business susceptible to an accident or lawsuit.

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