CDC and Business Tips Video Summary

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At Pet Care Insurance, we understand that coronavirus has put you in a rough spot. No one could have ever predicted that 2020 would be such a roller coaster. We are here to be a resource for you during this unprecedented time in your business.

Safety for the pets you care for and keeping your business running may be some of your top priorities. Today, Clint from Pet Care Insurance will address these items.

Many pet owners are testing positive for coronavirus. In turn, dogs are testing positive for coronavirus as well. There are ways to lower the chances of spreading the virus to your pets (if you tested positive). The CDC recommends a variety of tips, such as avoid sharing food and wearing a mask. Our video will explain other ways to help prevent the spread.

Even during this difficult time, there’s still an opportunity to pivot your business. More states are opening up! You can smoothly run your business by following simple tips, such as keeping in touch with your clients and making sure each appointment runs smoothly.

If you have additional questions or concerns about coronavirus, we recommend that you visit

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