Four Ways Pet Sitters Save Lives

Four Ways Pet Sitters Save Lives
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Pet sitting is a business that many people, especially those who don’t own pets, might not appreciate, but the truth is that pet sitters work hard and do a lot of good. Sometimes they even save lives. Here is a list of ways that pet sitters protect animals.

  1. Pet sitters keep animals out of shelters. One of the highest concerns of animal advocacy organizations is the high number of animals that are returned to a shelter after they are adopted or brought to a shelter by owners who love their pets but can no longer care for them. A great pet sitter makes it easier for pet owners to give their animals a good life, so the owners are less likely to feel that they cannot continue to care for their pet.
  2. Pet sitters protect pets from poisoning. Accidental poisoning is a significant threat to pets left home alone. They might get into a household product that is toxic for animals, or during the winter, they might be endangered by a carbon monoxide leak. A good pet sitter knows what to do in these situations and could save a beloved pet’s life.
  3. Pet sitters provide support to anxious dogs. Many dogs, especially newly adopted dogs or puppies, get anxious when they are left home alone while their owner is at work. Pet sitters can comfort these animals and help them avoid dangerous behavior or behavior that might cause them to be returned to a shelter.
  4. Pet sitters make it possible for more people to adopt dogs. Because pet sitters help working people and people who travel take care of their pets, pet sitters make it so that a greater variety of people can provide homes for animals in shelters.

Pet sitters build their business by making life better for pets and the people who adopt them, so next time someone asks why you decided to become a pet sitter, share this list with them and ask them whose lives their job saves.

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