How California Protects Pet Rescuers

How California Protects Pet Rescuers
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At Pet Care Insurance, making sure that animals and people are properly protected is our way of life. That’s why we wanted to share with our pet care professionals some good news coming out of California that will help both animals in need and those who come to their rescue.

We’ve all seen the terrible news stories about pets who die because they were left in a hot car, but there are also many stories about heroic people who break car windows and save these pets from the heat.The governor of California, Jerry Brown, has just signed a bill into law that protects people who rescue car-trapped pets.

The new law will allow people to break a car’s window to save a pet under specific circumstance.If the pet is in peril, law enforcement doesn’t arrive fast enough, and the car is locked, a rescuer could break in and free the pet; however, the rescuer does need to stay at the scene until police arrive.

This is welcome news because in the past, when these heroes broke into cars to free pets, they could potentially be held responsible for the damage they caused. The temperature inside a car can be a big problem for pets. For example, on a day that is a mere 70° F, a car can be nearly 104° F on the inside.

It might sound like a common-sense law, but the passage of this law makes California only the 16 state to protect those who rescue animals from hot cars. As more states begin to pass laws protecting pet rescuers, hopefully fewer animals will needlessly suffer and die in hot cars and more pet rescuers will be protected for their efforts.

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