IBM Patents Pet Sitting Drone

IBM Patents Pet Sitting Drone
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Pet sitters everywhere take pride in their business and the care they provide for their client's pets. However, a patent recently filed by tech giant IBM may change the landscape of the pet sitting industry. The patent is for a drone that would act as a pet sitter while the pet parent is away.

Like the drones that you may have seen at the park or in other places, this drone would fly around the home monitoring the pet's activities. Although this drone has a camera, the camera is only one way that it would interact with pets.

If the home is equipped with an electronic alarm and environmental control system, the drone would be able to monitor and adjust the temperature as well as let the pet outside.

The drone will be equipped to recognize the sounds that a pet makes when they are sick. It can also determine if the pet is behaving in an unacceptable manner such as clawing at a door, but that's not all.

It is equipped to help train the pets through both issuing verbal commands and offering reinforcement treats. This training feature includes the ability to link to a collar that can "direct behavior reinforcement."

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Is a Pet Sitting Drone a Good Thing?

While this technology is innovative, there are still many questions to ask about artificially intelligent machines interacting with pets. For example, what safety risks are posed when an AI is supervising pets? Will the pets be afraid or become aggressive due to this interaction? What would be the results if a drone malfunctions?

Let us know what you think of this new technology in the comments.

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