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Introducing Pet Bakery Insurance From Our New Partner

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The country’s stay-at-home order is tough on people. Imagine being a doggo and not knowing what is going on? They can’t go to the park and sniff their favorite tree. Maybe they can’t even enjoy their long daily walks around the neighborhood. Doggos need a pick-me-up.

Have you considered making homemade dog treats for your fur friends?

Our partner, Food Liability Insurance Program offers pet bakery insurance and can help with your efforts!

Let’s break it down!

beagle waiting for a treat

What is the Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP)?

The Food Liability Insurance Program offers liability coverage for businesses involved in the food industry.

This includes liability insurance for pet bakeries. Our partner currently manages over 40,000 small business accounts nationwide and can cover businesses in all 50 states. Their comprehensive A+ coverage makes them one of the leading insurance providers to work with.

Pet bakery insurance coverage starts at $299/year.

What does food liability insurance cover?

Doggos go wild over treats! They absolutely love being rewarded and look forward to tasty treats for good behavior. Some puppy parents will just give them treats just because they are so cute. It’s kind of hard to resist.

Store bought doggo treats sometimes come with too many preservatives and not enough natural ingredients. Dog parents want to make sure they are giving their pups the best treats. That’s where you come in with making delicious homemade dog treats.

However, there are risks when you make and sell dog treats.

A pup could be enjoying tasty treats their owner purchased from you and experience a terrible allergic reaction. The owner is heartbroken and frantically drives to the veterinarian’s office. Having no idea what to expect. You are sad that your fur friend experienced an allergic reaction. It turns out that you mislabeled the packaging and accidentally gave the owner the wrong package.

A lawsuit from the owner isn’t far behind.

Luckily, with a FLIP policy, there is coverage in place for these incidents that lead to lawsuits. FLIP’s policy includes products-completed operations coverage (otherwise known as product liability) with a $2 million dollar limit. Product liability responds to bodily injury and property damage stemming from product defects. More importantly, pet bakery insurance is designed to cover fees you are legally liable to pay for.

Consider FLIP for your pet bakery needs

While pet professionals, like yourself, can’t do your jobs at the moment, there’s always ways to work around that. Homemade dog treats may be a solution that works for you! Consider FLIP for your pet bakery needs. The risks are out there. It’s important to have a layer of protection in place from our partner FLIP.

You can get a FLIP pet bakery insurance policy completely online, update your policy with ease, and have a team of licensed agents available via phone, email, or chat. It’s that easy.

For more information about the Food Liability Insurance Program, please visit their site.

The Wrap Up

We know that you are so ready to get back to work. However, it is not feasible at the moment. Many of your clients are working from home, not going on vacation, and may be handling grooming needs for their doggos.

It won’t last forever. Your clients will head back to the office, vacations will be planned again, and business will resume like normal.

For the time being, homemade dog treats may spread happiness to your fur friends. Plus, it may even serve as an additional revenue stream once business starts to pick up again. Talk about a win-win.

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