Leaving A Pet in A Hot Car: A Police Officer Experiment

Leaving A Pet in A Hot Car: A Police Officer Experiment
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While summer is drawing to a close and fall is on the horizon, it's still hot and that can spell danger for pets. Recently, a police department in a town just south of the Pet Care Insurance headquarters had an officer sit in a hot car under the supervision of paramedics. They took his heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature before and after his stay in the car.

The experiment lasts only about 25 minutes and the results are a staggering reminder of why you should never leave pets in a hot car—even for a minute.


Officer Martinez stats before and after:



  • 98.1 before
  • 100.2 after

Blood Pressure:


  • 166/82 before
  • 148/106 after

Heart rate:

  • 82bpm before
  • 127bpm after

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