Pet Sitting Insurance As Explained by Pets

Pet Sitting Insurance As Explained by Pets
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Do pets communicate with humans? It's a question as old as, “Why do dogs sniff each other,” and, “Why do cats ignore humans?” Dogs communicate with us in a myriad of ways; I’ve even seen videos lately of dogs saying the words, “I love you,” to their owners. Cats often communicate in more subtle ways, but they are not hesitant to make you aware of their needs when necessary.


What would a pet say when it comes to pet sitting insurance, though?  Now, that’s a question as old as the pyramids. Those dog and cat hieroglyphics you see in National Geographic are actually discussing the benefits of animal bailee coverage and hiring bonded pet sitters. That, or they want a belly rub and more catnip—the jury is still out on this one.


Let’s take a look at pet sitting insurance through the eyes of our four-legged friends. Since dogs are a little more eager, they want to go first.


Name: Rocky

Favorites: Food, treats, leftovers, tennis balls



“Woof, woof, bark, woof woof… grrrrr *wag *wag woof woof *pant”




I run full speed everywhere, eat whatever you leave within my reach and have never been fond of peeing outside. Can you imagine being at my house, my territory, and I urinate all over the floor? Being the good pet sitter you are, you decide to mop up the mess. While you are mopping, I thought I heard the sound of bacon crackling, so I rush into the kitchen, hit the slippery floor, careen into the wall, and break one of my hind legs. Amidst my yelping and your panic, I realize we’ll need to go to the vet. I recover nicely, but guess who gets the vet bill?


That’s why I want to tell you about animal bailee coverage.


It could save you a fortune when it comes to any injuries I get while caring for me. Listen, when we are in your care, you bear legal responsibility for any injury that happens. Sounds real ruff, right? Well, if you have animal bailee coverage, you don’t have to stress about it.


If you’re required to pay for animal bailee as an additional benefit on your current insurance policy, you might want to reconsider who is providing your insurance.


Pet Care Insurance (PCI) offers animal bailee coverage as part of its base pet sitting insurance policy for when you are at fault. In addition, PCI’s policies will reimburse your business up to $1,000 per occurrence for vet bills regardless of fault.


Trust me, I don’t like going to the vet any more than you like taking me. Unfortunately, the vet doesn’t take my dog bones as payment. He wants lettuce instead, which is gross. My owners made me try some one time and no thanks! I’ll stick to bacon.


Name: Wiggles

Favorite Things: Insurance, watching people, The Red Light from The Great Beyond, chasing birds



“Meow meow, purr, meow meow, *stretch *gaze *turns and completely ignores you”




Wiggles? What kind of name is that? My friends call me Overwatch because I see everything that goes on in the whole neighborhood. I’ve even seen dogs blame the holes in the garden on the tiny humans that poop in bags. As if a tiny human that can’t even hold a spade can dig a 4-foot-deep hole.


You know what I’ve seen a couple times from pet sitters that have come around the block? They leave the house with the pet they are watching to go on a walk, the park, or to their girlfriend’s house to show off a cute puppy. Guess what happens when they come back? They’re locked out. It’s hilarious! The human always panics, searches in the holes in their pants that carry treats sometimes, retraces their steps like some mouse, and eventually calls the owners of the home on the verge of tears.


Next thing I know, some mysterious van shows up, changes all the locks on the house, and gives the human a new set of keys.


One pet sitter who lost the keys bought pet sitting insurance through PCI, so he didn’t have to pay for the whole thing by himself. He had something called lost key liability coverage, which saved him enough money to buy catnip for the whole cul-de-sac. But did he? No. And that’s why cats don’t like some humans.

We think they’re selfish.


Name: Gucci

Favorite Things: Puppuccinos, manicures, tennis balls



“Arf-ark arf-arf, grrrrrr, *lick arf-arf *run-around arf-arf *pant-pant”




Pet sitters are a big part of my life. And my owners can afford as many dog treats as I want, if you know what I mean. They usually use the same company to hire pet sitters, but a few times, we’ve had things stolen from our penthouse. It’s not my fault—either my back was turned, or I was too busy napping, because if I saw what was going down, I would have shown them who’s boss.


After a theft, my owners came home and talked about how they’ll be able to get a payment for the stolen valuables. They said it’s because the pet sitting company has employee dishonesty coverage through Pet Care Insurance. It’s like a company being bonded, but it’s less expensive—you don’t need to join an organization, and the insurance won’t wait for a conviction to pay out.


Well, this interview has been exhausting, and it’s time for my daily massage. Thanks for stopping by! Next time bring higher-quality treats.


Animals sure pack a lot of info into a few barks and meows! For more info about the policies mentioned above or to talk to a human, visit


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