Pet Sitting Insurance Protects Your Pet Family

Pet Sitting Insurance Protects Your Pet Family
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As a pet sitter, you are more aware than most people that pets are part of the family. Just like the members of your human family, you want to make sure your pet family is protected in case of an accident. One of the best ways you can protect the furry families you watch over is by purchasing an affordable, yet quality pet sitting insurance plan and Pet Care Insurance can help.

Pets And the Vet

Many pet sitters are most concerned with ensuring the pets they watch are fed, happy and cared for on a daily basis. However, it’s also important to be prepared for accidents and mishaps. Of course, you watch and protect the pets in your care, but what would happen if one of them were to get hurt?

caretaker and dog at vet

If an emergency were to happen, you would do everything possible to help the hurt pet, but being prepared is always the best approach. A pet sitting insurance plan from PCI will have veterinarian expense reimbursement coverage and animal bailee coverage to help you with the vet bills that you may be responsible to pay.

Protecting Property

Protecting you and the pets that you are pet sitting goes beyond ensuring that their health needs are being met. It also means you need to protect the property where you watch the pets. Lets face it, you might be careful, but sometimes pets can be a little unruly.

By selecting a quality pet sitting insurance policy with the appropriate options, you can protect yourself from financial burdens linked to property damage. Simply put, the right insurance policy can be the difference between closing your pet sitting business forever, or taking care of your favorite pets for years to come.

Teaching Your Furry Friends

As most pet sitters know, pet sitting often involves teaching pets how to act properly. Sometimes this is as simple as sit, stay, and come commands, but other times it requires a little more training for the pet. This can be stressful, especially if there are other animals present during training and where there is stress, mistakes happen.

When you’re considering pet insurance policies, make sure to take into account how much training you do with the pets and how stressful it is for them. If you do advanced training, you might want to ask about the coverage options to protect both you and the pets being trained.

At PCI we understand that all you really want to do is makes sure the pets you watch are given the best care possible. Signing up for our pet sitting insurance policy makes caring for your pet family and your business simple and fast. That way you can focus on what matters most to you: the pets you care for.

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