Pet Sitting Insurance vs. Pet Sitting Certification

Pet Sitting Insurance vs. Pet Sitting Certification
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Pet sitters often become certified to set themselves apart and show their commitment to their field, but becoming certified is not the only way to make yourself a better pet sitter.

Pet sitting certification can be valuable, but pet sitting liability insurance can be even more important as you build your business.

Pet Sitting Insurance vs. Pet Sitting Certification

Liability insurance allows both the pet sitter and their client to feel assured that in the event of an accident, they will be financially protected. Purchasing insurance also shows a client that their pet sitter is a professional with a sense of responsibility. 

Because pets can be volatile and can quickly cause property damage or bodily injury that you could be held liable for, it is essential to have insurance that protects you from liability risk.

Becoming a certified pet sitter does not always mean so much. It certainly depends on what the certification course includes, but often you can get the training involved in a pet certification without paying the dues of an online certification course. The American Red Cross offers pet first aid training, and plenty of information about pet care can be found through free resources like libraries, blogs, and websites. You can also boost your resume through other means like volunteering for the Humane Society and starting a blog about your experience with animals.

The Problem of Cost

Being certified can be wonderful, but it can also be a financial burden. If the choice is between being a certified pet sitter and being an insured pet sitter, the choice should be simple—be an insured pet sitter. Your knowledge, love for animals, and experience is often certification enough for potential clients, but insurance is irreplaceable and essential for your financial security.

Many programs suggest that being certified and being insured must go hand in hand, but the truth is, they don’t have to. Programs like PCI offer an affordable, comprehensive business insurance policy without requiring our clients to pay association fees.

PCI is a resource for pet sitters seeking liability insurance. Visit us here to learn more about our program.


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