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Your Guide to Professional Dog Grooming Scissors

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We all agree that using the right tools for each appointment can make a world of difference. Grooming is an art that requires your knowledge of animals but also the tools of the trade. Plus staying up to date with the latest trends can be difficult when you are looking for the best dog grooming supplies.

Stocking Your Station

Experienced groomers can scroll past this section where we will quickly talk about different types of grooming scissors and the specific purpose of having a full arsenal. When setting up your business, it is important to have a variety of tools that can make grooming different breeds a cinch!

Straight Cut Scissors

By far the most common tool in any professional’s box! Can be purchased in different size lengths, just try to find a pair that feels comfortable for your hands. The 8-inch scissors are best on curly coats (Poodle or Bichon) while the 6 or 7-inch scissors are best for small dog breeds (Shih Tzus). The smaller the length of the shear, the more precise the cutting. Moving down to a 4-inch pair would be ideal for cutting hair around feet, legs, or eyes. Find a straight scissor that you enjoy and purchase it in a variety of sizes!

Straight Grooming Shears: PetEdge

Thinning Shears

Sometimes referred to as blending shears, these will create a smooth and blended look for your furry client or their owner. One side of these shears is a comb while the other is a scissor blade. Use these to flatten thick coats, remove matted fur, or blend a trimmed face to make it appear more natural. If you are artistic, you can also use thinning shears to make patterns and add dimension. Find yourself cutting Pomeranians or Golden Retrievers? This is the tool you won’t want to skimp on. 

Top Rated Thinning Shears: Pet Magasian


Ready to try your hand with the next step up from thinning shears? Chunkers are very similar to a blending shear but will remove larger amounts of the coat. The combs have a small T-shape and a slightly larger space between each comb. Make sure to pick up these shears for grooming Collies or Chow Chows. 

Best Rated Chunkers: Purple Dragon Chunker Shear

Round-Tip Shears

These are your “safety” scissors with rounded edges, it makes them safer to use in delicate areas such as the face. You can work on details around the eyes, lip lines, ears, and toes without the fear of a sharp edge causing damage. Unlike a pair of scissors for kindergartners, these are still extremely sharp blades and will be essential for all dogs that you are grooming. 

Favorite Brand Round-Tip: ConairPRO Rounded-Tip 

Curved Scissors 

Not an essential, but many groomers find that they can cut quicker and with better angles if they use curved scissors. It will be up to your personal preference as you work along to see which pair of shears (straight or curved) work better for your hands and clients. Just like straight-cutting shears, these come in a variety of lengths from 4-inch to 10-inch shears. Purchase one or two pairs to compare and work on building your skills with curved scissors.

Variety of Curved Shears: PetEdge

Sourcing Trusted Tools

Finding the best place to purchase your professional dog grooming supplies is a matter of opinion. We find that people are happy to be loyal to brands like Groomer’s Choice or Wag Supply, which offer a wide variety of grooming tools, but many groomers find just as much success by sourcing their tools from Amazon.

Our suggestion is always to check and see if there are local wholesale suppliers. It is great to build relationships with local suppliers because they can help you find the best deals or will send the shear sharpener your way when they are making their rounds. Additionally, they can be there for you when you’re expanding your shop or need a recommendation for new products or tools.

If you don’t have a local supplier, make sure you check out the reviews online. Professional dog grooming supplies are easy enough to find online, but always find out if the company is credible before you place your order!

Making Your Tools Last

Purchasing shears, clippers, and other tools can get expensive! Take good care of your equipment with these easy steps and make your dog grooming supplies last way longer!

  1. Always put your equipment away when you are finished using it or set it away from the grooming table. We understand the habit of setting things down during the appointment—because you will be using them again. Get out of the habit of leaving clippers, scissors, and blades on the table for liability reasons. Dogs can step on your sharp tools and injure their paws or knock them off the table, costing you if they break!
  2. Buying the wrong size scissors. Did you know that the number one cause of dropping scissors on the floor is the wrong fit of scissor rings? Make sure you are purchasing the right size grip and store them in your holster when they aren’t in use, dropping them will blunt the blades over time. While these can be sharpened, it costs to get your shears sharpened, so take care of them during each appointment.
  3. Lastly, clean your tools between each appointment! Leaving hair from each appointment will build up in your clipper drives and around blades or attachments. Over time, this causes blockages which can eventually rust out or dull your tools. Keep them clean, and sanitized and you will enjoy each appointment a little more!

Happy Grooming!

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