SEO Tips for Pet Sitters

SEO Tips for Pet Sitters
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1. Create a separate page on your website for each type of service you offer: pet sitting, pet grooming, dog walking, etc.

2. Use location phrases in your content and title tags. Potential clients looking for pet sitters are most likely using local phrases in their online keyword searches in Google or Bing. See monthly search volumes below.

  • Average Monthly Searches:
  • pet sitter miami 50
  • pet sitter florida 10
  • pet sitter broward county <10

3. Create social media accounts for your business and include links to your website in bios and posts. Be consistent with how you describe your business, but don't use the exact same bio for every profile.

4. Try to be specific about your services and provide as much helpful information as possible. View your competitors websites, and see if you can explain your similar services better than they do.

5. Incorporate videos and images in your content. In addition to website text, video and images are valuable assets to search engines and appreciated by website visitors. Also it's important to categorically name these assets, don't just name files arbitrarily. Don't use names like puppy1.jpg or pic1.jpg. Try to be more specific and go with something like dog-walking-beachday.jpg. Being more specific with your image naming, you will help the search engines better categorize your assets.

6. Study the websites of sites that rank for the keywords you are targeting. View their html source code, read their blog posts, and review their social media activity.


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