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PCI Partner Spotlight: Time To Pet

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At Pet Care Insurance, we like to find great tools for you to use in your business, and today we want to highlight Time To Pet—a modern pet sitting software. Time To Pet was made with you, the pet care professional, in mind. There are several uses and benefits of Time To Pet, which we’ll share with you today.

Time To Pet

Time To Pet gives you the convenience to easily manage a variety of aspects of your business through its program. No matter the number of clients your pet care business handles, it’s a difficult task to keep up with paperwork and invoicing; that’s why many pet professionals use this tool to help them out. Whether your business stays small or grows, Time To Pet can grow with you. There’s no need to look for another software to fit your growing business.

Schedule Management

Scheduling out appointments and keeping up with your clients can be time consuming and seem like a full-time job. Time To Pet’s scheduling tool gives you the convenience of letting your clients request their own appointments, so that you don’t have to worry about adding them manually yourself. Simply approve your client requests and even create recurring appointments for those who ask. Scheduling has never been easier.

Client Management

One great benefit of using Time To Pet is the client management feature. You can store each client’s information, payment options, and appointment updates. With all of your clients’ information, it’s hard to keep it organized and remember all of it. Pet parents will love seeing pictures of their furry friends during a visit. It gives them the assurance that their pet is happy and safe. Plus, pet parents love seeing pictures of their pets having fun.

Invoices and Accounting Integration

Time To Pet also keeps track of your invoices and gives you the convenience to accept payments from there. Payments can be made by credit/debit card or through an ACH or echeck. If you charge a little extra for multiple pets or over the holidays, you can update your rates through the software. If you use Quickbooks Online, you can easily sync your invoices, payment information, and clientele to your Quickbooks account. This will make tax season a breeze!

Staff Management

Staff management can also be a difficult task for employers—keeping track of their hours and schedules, making sure they have their client’s contact information, and more. Time To Pet’s staff management tool helps you manage your employees, and helps your employees provide top-notch customer service to their clients. This is done by apps that your employees can use on their cell phones. On the app, they can see upcoming appointments and client information, and send updates and pictures directly to the client.

Check It Out For Yourself

Now that you know what Time To Pet provides, you’re ready to try it out for yourself! You can get started with Time To Pet’s 45-day trial at any time! This time frame gives you the chance to check out their features and see if it’s the right fit for your business.

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