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Why More Clients Are Requiring Pet Sitter Insurance

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Pet professionals are making the news….but not in a good way.

A routine pet sitting job can lead to doggos getting lost or severely injured. It’s not the best scenario for any pet professional to be in. A news story can ruin their reputation and even their career. Since news articles are readily available, clients are well aware of the risks doggos face. That’s why clients want to be sure the pet sitters they are working with are insured professionals.

Learn why more clients are requiring pet sitter insurance, how it is beneficial for you, and how it is beneficial for them.

Insurance May Ease A Client’s Worries About Their Pets

News headlines like pet injuries while in a pet sitter’s care may weigh heavily on a client’s mind.

Some dogs accidentally slip away from sitters and encounter a heap of trouble. A great dane pup named Cornichon got loose and hightailed it to the street. Unfortunately, three cars struck the doggo. Needless to say, the injuries were substantial.

Here’s what the owner had to say:
“I’m really frustrated and really hurt to know that someone who was supposed to be taking care of my dog, who is essentially a family member for us, took it so lightly and so it’s such irresponsible behavior,”

A doggo can hold a huge place in your client’s heart.

It’s really easy to see why. Dogs are fun, sweet, caring, and so lovable. Clients are also very protective of their pets. They only want the best care for them. Pet sitter insurance from PCI can help with that.

The policy includes vet bill reimbursement at no extra cost. Vet bill reimbursement is designed to respond to injuries for your client’s pet while in your care. Insurance can be useful for your client because it means they don’t have to foot the bill. As a pet professional, you understand that every appointment comes with risks. Coverage can be a financial safety net for your business and may keep you from facing a financial burden on your own.

Easing your client’s worries about their pets with insurance isn’t the only thing coverage can do.

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Coverage Could Give Them Peace of Mind About Their Homes

Home is where you wind down from a hard day of work. It’s a place where you make memories with loved ones and your own personal sanctuary. Your clients feel the same way.

The pet sitting business can involve many keys since you’re managing multiple clients. Handing a key over to a pet professional can be a tough thing to do. Security is a huge factor for every pet owner.

What if you accidentally lose your client’s house key?

Clients love being able to come home to their pets. Doggos eagerly look forward to seeing their owners again. The sight of seeing you come back to the house without a key can lead to an unhappy customer.

Pet sitter insurance coverage may be able to help you out. Our policy includes lost key liability coverage designed for those instances. It is designed to help cover the cost of installing new locks or having a building rekeyed.

This type of coverage is useful for your clients because they don’t need to worry about contracting someone to rekey their home with their own money. In your case, you may be able to keep your client happy and maintain a professional relationship with them. A huge benefit is not having to worry about the financial strain.

Learn more about PCI below.

Pet Sitter Insurance From PCI

Before you take on your next pet sitting job, be sure to consider carrying pet sitter insurance from PCI.

Nowadays with so many new stories revolving around pets, owners are more cautious of who they work with. They don’t want anything bad to happen to their fur babies. By carrying pet sitter insurance, you may be able to ease their worries. You show clients that you’re a professional with coverage. If something were to go wrong on the job, it’s nice knowing you have help. Clients don’t have to worry about covering a financial burden that wasn’t their fault either.

PCI understands the risks and the importance of having comprehensive coverage. That’s why thousands of pet professionals choose to work with us! For starters, it’s super quick to get business insurance.

Our online process takes 10 minutes or less. You can access your online certificate of insurance easily. As an added bonus, you can use our online insurance badge. Many of our clients feature this badge on their website and social media channels. When clients are researching pet sitters in the area, the badge may give you added credibility over others.

The Wrap Up

As you can see, you and your clients benefit from insurance. With so many negative instances occurring on the job, the last thing you want to do is handle it on your own. Plus, you’ll have to deal with an upset customer who handed their fur baby in your care.

Now that’s no fun.

With pet sitter insurance, it’s nice having a safety net and your clients appreciate the help as well. Coverages like vet bill reimbursement and lost key liability are valuable for them.

Thank you for considering PCI for your business insurance needs!

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