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3 Real PCI Pet Sitter Claims

As pet sitters, having a current insurance policy helps acquire new clients, helps with pet medical bills for which you become responsible, and it helps protect your business. However, it's always nice to see specific examples of how Read More

Pet Sitting Safety for the 4th of July

Pet Sitting Safety for the 4th of July Professional pet sitters are expected to know all about the most up-to-date safekeeping methods and techniques for their client's and their pets. Read More

Dog Flu H3N2: What Pet Care Providers Should Know

On May 30, the Florida Department of Agriculture along with the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine confirmed the first seven cases of the H2N3 dog flu in Florida. Since that time, five more dogs in Florida have confirmed cases of the ... Read More

IBM Patents Pet Sitting Drone

Pet sitters everywhere take pride in their business and the care they provide for their client's pets. However, a patent recently filed by tech giant IBM may change the landscape of the pet sitti ... Read More

Dog Dies While Being Groomed at Petco

In a tragic incident, Ollie, a 5-year-old pug in Rhode Island, has died while being groomed at a Petco in the town of Middletown. Ollie's owner brought him to Petco for what was supposed to be a simple nail trim. She then left to do a little ... Read More

Art Exhibit for Pets

Dominic Wilcox, a London artist, has made an art exhibit that is just for dogs. His exhibit includes paintings, a giant dog bowl, and even a car simulator. Wilcox created the exhibit to encourage people to spend time with their furry family. ... Read More

Common Pet Care Insurance Claims

As a pet care provider, you're probably wondering what could go so wrong that you would need insurance to protect you and your business. At Pet Care Insurance, we've put together this handy infographic to show you the most common claims we've ... Read More