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A Do-It-All App to Help Train Dogs

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If you aren’t a professional dog trainer, but still want to teach a dog how to behave, it can be pretty boring flipping through books or scouring YouTube. Since almost everyone has a smartphone why not just use that? That’s where Puppr comes in handy. It’s a handy mobile app that is free to download with step-by-step instructions, videos, and pictures that will help you train a dog.

The premise of the app is that positive reinforcement and repetition of correct commands will help you train a dog as quickly as possible. One of the methods the app encourages is the use of a clicker. The app has a clicker built in that you can use so that way you always have one on hand.

This will be a great tool to share with your clients and employees that need an easy-to-use guide to teach their dogs basic skills. Some of the skills the app can show any dog care professional or owner to teach their pets are:

  • Crate & potty training
  • Basic commands
    • Sit
    • Stay
    • Come
    • Leave it
    • Many more
  • Grooming basics
    • Fur and teeth brushing
    • Nail trimming
    • Ear cleaning

The instructor in all the pictures and videos included in this app is Sara Carson. She was a finalist on season 12 of America’s Got Talent with her Border Collie, Hero. Sara is one of the best dog trick trainers in the world and travels all over with her dogs, The Super Collies, teaching workshops and performing for fellow dog owners.

Why Everyone Should Train Their Dog

It’s very important to train your dog because it provides mental stimulation. Reward-based training is enjoyable for the dog and strengthens the bond between owner and dog. Training your dog will also provide it with necessary physical exercise that will help your dog stay healthy and happy. Dog training, for the unpracticed, can take a long time and get annoying if the dog doesn’t seem to learn quickly. This is usually because of incorrect technique. Once the correct methods are used, dogs catch on very quickly.

How Puppr Performs

The app is highly-rated. On the Apple store is has a 4.8-star rating among the 2,100 ratings and in the Google Play store, it has a 4.25-star rating among 546 ratings. While it’s free to download, there is a fee to unlock every skill that the app has available to teach a dog.

We asked Sara a couple questions about the app and here’s what she had to say:

What makes you excited about Puppr?

“Having an app that anyone can download right onto their phones seems like the next best training option for dog owners everywhere. It’s easy, convenient, affordable and fun! I had always come up with new ways to inspire more people to train their pups – and Puppr makes it easier than ever!”

Why is using a built-in clicker advantageous?

“Using the built-in clicker has several advantages, but the biggest advantage is that you can control the sound of the click. When first introducing the clicker, it can be scary to some dogs. Controlling the volume of the click can make the introduction easier and get the dog more comfortable to the sound.”

Real Reviews

“My dog, Dozer, is very stubborn. It took him a while to learn how to sit, so I never thought he would learn anything better than that. I tried teaching him to give me his paw but then he would just stare at me like I’m (stupid). I downloaded this app to test it out and I’m proud to say that this is a true miracle! Dozer is now learning multiple commands in less than 5 minutes! I’m so proud of him, thank you Puppr! You really are a blessing.” —alyssemedrano

“Very clear and easy to use! Great design and expertise. Really makes dog training easy for any dog owner. Highly recommend!” —Lindsay Herrell

How to Download

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