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What Equipment Does a Dog Trainer Need?

If you have a passion for dogs and love spending time with them, you may have considered becoming a dog trainer. Dog trainers have to undergo training, certification and a lot of practice to be able to train dogs professionally—not to mention the patience required for this job. With dog

Dog Trainer Business Tips: How To Attract More Clients

After a long day, all your clients may want to do is relax and unwind with their fur babies. Figuring out a training schedule can be tiring, that’s why lots of owners look for a professional trainer to help them. You have the training and experience. All you need now

How APDT and Dog Trainer Insurance Can Boost Your Efforts

Have you ever considered signing up for an association? By becoming a member, you have the opportunity to connect with fellow dog trainers, gain new knowledge, and boost your business efforts. The last one is the most important thing for a business owner. Your association membership may help you boost

How Dog Trainer Insurance Can Save The Day

The doggos are all ready for class and you’re looking forward to a great session with them. As you’re heading into the middle of your class session, your fur students, Buddy and Max get in a tiff and the mood changes. Several thoughts cross your mind and you’re a little

4 Tips Dog Trainers Should Consider

As a trainer, it is your job to teach the pups basic training skills and help them become better family pets. However, training can be pretty overwhelming for pups and it can take some time to master the basics. Here is some information on tips you should consider implementing in

5 Marketing Tips For Dog Trainers

Marketing a dog training business doesn’t have to be a difficult task because there are so many different options out there. While marketing is all about experimentation, it doesn’t hurt to try new things and see how they work out for your business. Keep in mind that one marketing tactic

Why You Need Dog Trainer Insurance from PCI

Every dog trainer knows you need patience, persistence, and experience to succeed in the dog training industry. Knowing how to train dogs and actually turning that knowledge into a paying career are completely different. You’ve invested time to become a reputable dog trainer. After all that hard work it is

A Guide to Dog Training Insurance

When you’re shopping around for dog training insurance, understanding the policy is key. We know that insurance terminology can be overwhelming, so here’s a simple breakdown of three types of coverages every dog trainer should look for in a dog training insurance policy. General Liability Coverage This coverage offers you

Five Online Tools That Would Help Any Dog Trainer

As a dog trainer, you know there’s more to running a successful business than just putting together good classes and training courses. You need to stay on top of the analytics and marketing aspects of your dog training business. Primarily, there are two things you need to take into account

Comparing Employee Dishonesty Coverage & Bonding

PCI’s employee dishonesty coverage is similar to a bond, but there may be some key differences to consider.

Employee dishonesty coverage:

  • Can be purchased in the same transaction
  • Doesn’t run credit checks
  • Provides $10,000 per occurrence and $25,000 aggregate coverage

Bonds may differ from our dishonesty coverage by:

  • Checking your credit during the application process
  • Having a “Conviction Claus;” Often bonds won’t pay on claims unless there is a conviction
  • Many require you to reimbursement the bonding company after a claim is paid