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Five Online Tools That Would Help Any Dog Trainer

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As a dog trainer, you know there’s more to running a successful business than just putting together good classes and training courses. You need to stay on top of the analytics and marketing aspects of your dog training business.

Primarily, there are two things you need to take into account when running your business. First, you need to keep track of the variety of canine clients coming in and out of your classes in any given year. Second, you need to market your dog training business to attract new clients and engage with your current clients.

With the help of online tools specifically created for dog trainers and marketing tools to help with your online presence, you can easily streamline these programs into your dog training business plan today.

Here are a few tools you should try out:


Whether you’re just getting started as a dog trainer or experiencing clientele growth within your business, it is important to use the proper software to handle your dog training business at all stages. With DogBizPro, you can keep track of your class schedule, compile rosters, save class notes, and allow your clients to register for dog training classes online.


Regardless of the size of your dog training classes, you need a flexible way of keeping track of your canine clients and their owners. With Pawfinity, you are able to book appointments and send automated notifications to your clients with 2-way SMS & email automated notifications. Last but certainly not least, you can take advantage of the mapping feature and decrease travel time to clients’ homes.


Social media is an important platform to engage with your clients and gain future clients. With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so much more, it can be overwhelming updating every single one individually. However, with the help of Buffer, you can set a time once a week or even bi-weekly to schedule out your social media posts ahead of time. It’s easy to sign up and you can get started today.


You don’t need to learn how to code to create your own website. With site building tools like WordPress, you can easily pick a template and build your very own dog training site from there. If you’re stuck on where to start from a design perspective, feel free to browse through other dog training sites to get inspiration. You might find a feature that you would like to implement on your own site. Make the site your own and take the time to be creative and let your personal dog training brand shine on the platform.


Canva is a simple way for you to create social media posts, videos, and flyers that fit your unique dog training brand. This free platform gives you the opportunity to use free designs and choose a variety of styles to market your business. Let your creativity shine and create marketing materials that bring your brand identity together. Create a free Canva account.

Get Dog Training Insurance From PCI Today!

One easy tip you can implement into your business today is purchasing dog training insurance! PCI’s policies are designed to meet the specific needs of your dog training business and give you the reassurance that your business and clients are protected. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the financial strain of paying a third-party claim out of pocket.

Learn more about our dog training insurance and purchase your online policy

In today’s world, there are various online tools you can implement into your dog training business and these resources may help your operations run more smoothly. However, don’t be at a loss without pet training insurance. Let us know how you will implement these tips in the comments section.

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