How Dog Trainer Insurance Can Save The Day

How Dog Trainer Insurance Can Save The Day
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The doggos are all ready for class and you’re looking forward to a great session with them. As you're heading into the middle of your class session, your fur students, Buddy and Max get in a tiff and the mood changes. Several thoughts cross your mind and you’re a little scared over the ordeal. As a dog trainer, every class is different because the dogs you’re training have all sorts of personalities and have the possibility of clashing. There are times two personalities don’t mix very well and disaster can strike. Unfortunately, a claim can take a bite out of your business and that can be a little tough to deal with on your own. If you take your business seriously and are prepared with dog trainer insurance, you can have a safety net for the business that’s taken time to build up.

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How PCI Can Help You

For starters, a base insurance policy for dog trainers will offer general liability insurance for your business activities and can help out in a hairy situation, such as a lawsuit. This type of coverage is designed to respond to injury or property damage claims you become legally responsible to pay for. Since you’re in the business of interacting with pups and teaching them training basics, you need a dog trainer insurance policy that offers so much more than general liability. What if two dogs in your class start nipping at each other and escalate to them sustaining serious injuries?

Because you have a chance of dealing with a doggo injury during a training class, we include veterinarian bill reimbursement coverage at no additional cost and the limit is $5,000. With veterinarian bill reimbursement coverage, PCI can reimburse the expense (minus the deductible) and you can maintain positive relationships with your clients knowing that you’ve done the professional thing.

Our policy includes several coverages, such as general liability, animal bailee coverage, lost key coverage, vet reimbursement coverage, and more. You can learn more about PCI’s comprehensive insurance coverage here.

Ruff Claims Dog Trainers Have Faced

Fur friends turned into fur enemies:Two doggos were overly excited to see each other and play time turned into a trip to the veterinarian’s office.

An overprotective bite:One doggo took an overprotective bite out of a passerby.

An accidental injury:A pup sprained its ankle while the trainer was going over the commands.

Dog Trainer Insurance

For many people, dogs are family members and their owners want to work with someone that they can trust. With dog trainer insurance, the owners can have peace of mind knowing that their pups are with a professional and coverage could respond to an injury the pup sustains during a class. While we hope that everything goes well during each training class, you can’t control everything and accidents happen no matter how careful you are. Dog trainer insurance adds an extra layer of protection to your business and can give you peace of mind while running it.

About Pet Care Insurance

Pet Care Insurance is an online insurance company that provides liability insurance for pet business owners, such as dog trainers. Dog trainer insurance is designed to respond to third-party claims you may face on the job, such as pet injury and property damage. You can protect your business in a matter of minutes here and show your clients that you are covered with your proof of insurance certificate.

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