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A Guide to Dog Training Insurance

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When you’re shopping around for dog training insurance, understanding the policy is key. We know that insurance terminology can be overwhelming, so here’s a simple breakdown of three types of coverages every dog trainer should look for in a dog training insurance policy.

General Liability Coverage

This coverage offers you protection against the cost of third-party claims that you become legally responsible for due to injuries or damages. If a dog bites someone during class and causes a serious injury, you could be held liable. This type of coverage may cover legal and medical expenses resulting from the accident.

Take this case, for example, a pet owner claimed animal abuse in a local training facility. Marcy Mortensen, owner of Brazil, a Great Dane, noticed injuries on her dog when she came by to visit the training facility. The vet confirmed her worries and established that the dog suffered fractures to her nasal bone. The article states that the owner is seeking compensation to cover court costs, medical bills, and legal fees.

Animal Bailee Coverage

This coverage may also be referred to as “care, custody, and control”. It can help protect you and your business in the event that you are held legally responsible for damages, injuries, or even the death of a client’s pet.

Here’s a situation where you may need this coverage: Ollie, a one-year-old Australian labradoodle, died on his way to a group dog training session in the dog trainer’s care. According to the article, Ollie broke loose from his leash and fell down a flight of stairs. The dog sustained internal bleeding and later passed on his way to the vet.

Tip: You can increase your limits for animal bailee (care, custody, and control). Please contact us for more information.

Veterinarian Bill Reimbursement

This coverage comes in handy if a dog you’re training needs immediate medical attention. Whether the dog was nipped by a canine classmate or experiences health issues during the class period, you need to do your due diligence and involve a veterinarian. With dog trainer insurance from PCI, you could be reimbursed you for the cost of the vet bill and then you won’t need to worry about the financial strain it can cost your business.

Additional Coverage Available:

Commercial Auto Insurance

This coverage is essential if you are using your personal car for business purposes. Since you are performing a business operation, your vehicle likely may not be covered by your personal insurance. If you get in an accident, your business may be held liable for the injuries or damages it causes. However, with commercial auto coverage, you may not have to worry about footing the bill.

Once I’m Insured, How Do I File a Claim?

We hope your dog training business runs smoothly. However, if you need to file a claim with us, here’s what you should do.

  • Contact us right away. If you don’t have time to talk on the phone, email works as well. You should make sure your email includes a letter that contains all the details of the incident that occurred such as day, time, location, and description of the incident.
  • Fill out a claim form. You will receive an email with a claim form attachment and will need to return it with all the appropriate information, so we can get started on your claim.
  • Be patient. Once you file a claim, it will take time to investigate and process.

You are more than welcome to reach out to us if you have any additional questions about the claims process while you are waiting for a claims adjuster to be assigned to your case.

Make sure you do your research and purchase quality dog training insurance that will give you peace of mind. PCI’s policies are designed to meet the specific needs of your dog training business and give you reassurance that your business and clients are protected. Furthermore, you may not have to worry about the financial strain of paying a third-party claim out of pocket.

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