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5 Marketing Tips For Dog Trainers

dogs at dog training class

Marketing a dog training business doesn’t have to be a difficult task because there are so many different options out there. While marketing is all about experimentation, it doesn’t hurt to try new things and see how they work out for your business. Keep in mind that one marketing tactic could work well for one business and may not yield results for your business. Check out five marketing tips you can implement to your dog training business today. Plus, learn about how dog trainer insurance from PCI can be added to your marketing plan.

Let’s get started.

Optimize Your Dog Trainer Website With SEO Basics

When you take the time to maintain a website for your dog training business, it can be a great platform to advertise your services and highlight your success stories. With the help of SEO (search engine optimization), you can implement basic practices and push your online ranking on Google search. The closer you are to the top, the more online traffic your website will gain.

There’s no guarantee that any one step to improve SEO will push you closer to the top of a Google search, but following the tips below can help you improve your chances.

Here are a few basic tips that may help improve your online presence:

  • Start with a keyword search. You may want to consider using online visibility and marketing analytics programs, such as SEMRush. With a program like SEMRush, it will allow you to see search volume and related keywords. You can run a search for “dog training business” to give yourself an idea of the keywords you should be using on your site.
  • Add keywords in the headings. Search engine algorithms search the content of your site for keywords changes often. One rule of thumb is to feature your most important keywords in the headings.
  • Include your location. This will help you appear on search when people run a search specific to your region. If you’re in Los Angeles, for example, use the keyword “California” or “ Los Angeles dog trainer.”

Show Your Qualifications On Your Website

Whether you are a part of an association like the APDT: The Association of Professional Dog Trainers or Premier Canine Professional Organization, being a part of these types of dog trainer organizations can show customers that you are dedicated to being responsible. Many associations offer learning workshops, networking opportunities, and certification opportunities. Clients want to know they are working with a dog trainer who is passionate about training.

One additional qualification you may want to include on your website is an insurance badge. When you buy a dog trainer insurance policy from us, you have access to our Pet Care Insurance badge and it can be used to signal to all clients and potential clients that you’re covered. 30% of our policyholders have reported that having insurance has helped them get clients. By including your qualifications, you show your clients they are working with a true professional insured with dog trainer insurance and stand out from the competition.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Referrals

woman training dog

One of the best ways to increase clientele for your dog training business is by talking to people and simply asking. You never know where your next client could come from!

  • Veterinarians: Veterinarians are helping all types of animals on a daily basis! More importantly, dogs. From puppies to older dogs, every dog could benefit from proper training. You may want to consider connecting with veterinarians in your area and see if they could recommend you to dog owners. With the help of your website, the veterinarians can assess your qualifications and decide whether or not they want to refer your business.
  • Fellow dog trainers: Connect with fellow dog trainers in the area and let them know you are looking to increase your clientele. For some dog trainers, business could very well be booming and they don’t have the capacity to train more doggos. That’s where you come in.
  • Shelters: Adopting a dog can be very exciting but there’s lots of training ahead. Get in touch with shelters in your area and ask if you can hang up a flyer advertising your dog training services.
  • Your clients: Do you have clients who are over the moon satisfied with your dog training classes? It doesn’t hurt to ask if they have any friends who are looking for a dog trainer.

Did you know 30% of our customers reported that having dog trainer insurance helped them get more clients?

Utilize Facebook Features

dogs in a line very obedient at dog training camp

Most people go on Facebook to check out the fun memes, news updates, and stay in touch with friends. If you’re already on the platform, you might as well take advantage of what it can do for your business. Most Facebook users visit the site at least once per day, it’s a great site to share things related to your business and give people a chance to learn more about your business.

  • Facebook business page: Think of Facebook’s Business page feature as an extension of your website. With the owner’s permission, you can post pictures of your furry clients and talk about what they have learned through your dog training classes. You can even post a video of your dog training class and give people a glimpse of what they can expect. Learn more about how to create a Facebook page.
  • Groups: You can utilize Facebook’s group feature to post exclusive promotions, dog training videos, and company updates. Learn more about how to create a group.
  • Ads: With the help of Facebook, you have the chance to create personalized online ads that target certain demographics and use it as a way to gain more clients.

Tip: You can let people know your business is covered with dog trainer insurance on Facebook.

Utilize Instagram Features


dogs on ground getting trained

Instagram gives business owners the opportunity to connect with customers, showcase their business, and announce company news. By taking advantage of live videos, stories, and hashtags, you can reach new people and join in on conversations related to dog training.

  • Live videos: Live videos give you the opportunity to share your thoughts as a dog training professional and quickly become a thought leader within the community.
  • Stories: Instagram stories are designed to last 24 hours and give you the ability to reach new people in your audience. You can save your Instagram stories on your profile and give viewers the opportunity to look back on your posts.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags can give your opportunity more online exposure and help you connect with others who are interested in dog training.

Tip: You can let people know your business is covered with dog trainer insurance on your Instagram profile.

Dog Trainer Insurance From PCI

Running a dog training business can be an exciting endeavor. However, there are many moving parts to account for and it can lead to a slip-up. Providing for the pets you train also means having a plan if something goes wrong, such as dog trainer insurance. While we hope that your furry clients don’t get injured, accidents are always present and PCI can offer financial peace of mind. PCI was designed for pet professionals like you in mind. It’s easy to protect your business online and access your digital proof of insurance.

We hope you found these marketing tips useful and you’ll find some success in your business implementing new strategies. More importantly, we hope you will take advantage of what dog trainer insurance can do for you!

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