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When did you first decide to form a business? Was it when you noticed you had a knack for caring for pets and wanted to follow your passion? Or, did you dream of being your own boss, and taking care of animals looked like your ticket out of the corpora ... Read More

Study: "Dogs are Smarter Than Cats"

When it comes to cats and dogs, there is often a debate as to which make better pets. People love to discuss which animal is more friendly, trainable, and intelligent. At Pet Care Insurance (PCI), we don't claim to know the answer. But, a group ... Read More

FDA: 15 Dogs Died from Eating These Treats

Giving dogs poultry and other raw bones can be dangerous. But a Food and Drug Administration report suggests the problem is broader. The report explains that the FDA has 68 recent reports of pets becoming sick due to eating processed bone treats ... Read More

Do I Need Pet Sitting Insurance

So, you've started a pet sitting business. It's new, exciting, and you get to do something you love for a living. But, like most things in life, running your own business isn't easy. A strategic plan that includes accounting, marketing, business licens ... Read More

Leaving A Pet in A Hot Car: A Police Officer Experiment

While summer is drawing to a close and fall is on the horizon, it's still hot and that can spell danger for pets. Recently, a police department in a town just south of the Pet Care Insurance headquarters had an officer sit in a hot car under the superv ... Read More