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FDA: 15 Dogs Died from Eating These Treats

Giving dogs poultry and other raw bones can be dangerous. But a Food and Drug Administration report suggests the problem is broader. The report explains that the FDA has 68Read More »

Do I Need Pet Sitting Insurance

So, you’ve started a pet sitting business. It’s new, exciting, and you get to do something you love for a living. But, like most things in life, running your ownRead More »
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3 Real PCI Pet Sitter Claims

As pet sitters, having a current insurance policy helps acquire new clients, helps with pet medical bills for which you become responsible, and it helps protect your business. However, it’sRead More »
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Pet Sitting Safety for the 4th of July

Professional pet sitters are expected to know all about the most up-to-date safekeeping methods and techniques for their client’s and their pets. Pet sitting insurance is a pragmatic way toRead More »
sick terrier with thermometer in his mouth and ice pack on his head

Dog Flu H3N2: What Pet Care Providers Should Know

On May 30, the Florida Department of Agriculture along with the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine confirmed the first seven cases of the H2N3 dog flu in Florida.Read More »
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5 Ways Pet Sitting Business Insurance Benefits You

As the owner of a business, there needs to be a reason for every expense that you incur and buying pet sitting business insurance is no different. There are manyRead More »
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